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"Don't drop that mirror or you'll have bad luck for seven years. Never let a black cat cross your path. Throw salt over your shoulder to ward off bad luck." Everyone has heard of these common superstitions. Ouija has its own set of rules and warnings; you may even know some yourself. We will call them "Ouijastitions." If you would like to view them, click here!

Operating a Ouija board, in its self, is very easy. Just place your hands on the planchette, ask a question, and let the spirits do the rest. If you would like detailed instructions, click here!

If you cannot seem to find the board that you would like to use, you can always make your own. They work just as well as the others and maybe even better. You can add your own personal, creative touch. There are countless ways to make your own talking board. If you would like to see how some others made theirs, just click here!

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Most of the information provided in this website was contributed to by The Museum of Talking Boards.To visit this site, click on the star! Images used with permission. This website is merely an English project.