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To My Story

Ever since I was little, I've believed in spirits, magic, and ghosts. I think this may be because it was fun, interesting, and seemed sort of dangerous. My faith wasn't pure until I experimented with a Ouija board about half a year ago. I'd used one before, but they had never worked like this before.

One night, me and my two friends, Missy and Amanda, decided to invest in buying a "witchboard." At first we weren't all that serious about it, but we soon changed our mood. We all gathered around Amanda's coffee table, socializing, listening to some good Beatle tunes. Soon enough, we decided to try it. We all placed our first two fingers lightly on the board's sidekick, the planchette, and continued to guide it around the board in a figure eight. After a few cycles, we stopped and asked, "Is there a spirit among us?" The pointer didn't budge. Then Amanda and I tried it without Missy, still no response. Just then, the music we were listening to, right in the middle of a song from a compact disc, stopped. Simultaneously, the planchette moved to "YES." Of course we all questioned if anyone had moved it, but the answers were all the same, "NO." Staring in silence with bewildered expressions on our faces for a few moments, we finally requested the spirits name. After that, a series of questions were asked and answered. Missy was feeling left out, so we asked if she could join in, but it responded with "NO." When we asked why it spelt out (pardon the language) "J-A-C-K-A-S-S." We all just laughed and continued on. Later on, we contacted a spirit named Keith. This guy was hilarious. He would tell us things just to get us to laugh. I asked him who I was going to marry, and he spelt out "B-E-J-A-M-I-N-F-O-N-T-A-N-E-Z." This was ironic because he was a guy that I had recently dated. I was curious, so I asked, "How did you know about Ben?" Then the Ouija spelt out "T-R-Y." "Try, try what?" I asked. "K-I-S-S." I laughed and asked "You want me to kiss Ben?" But the Ouija said "NO" then spelt out "M-E." "That's impossible" I thought. Ouija disagreed. When I asked him how, he replied with an answer that was startling to me. He spelt out "D-E-A-D." After that, I was scared and didn't want to talk anymore. Missy began playing, and I decided to quit. As I was sitting on the couch watching the girls playing with the Ouija, I became very drowsy and felt as though I was going to pass out. I also had a strange feeling that I shouldn't fall asleep while they were still in their session. Amanda and Missy decided to put the board up, but it refused. It said that I could go to sleep, but that Amanda and Missy had to keep playing with it. But they were tired and told the board that, so it said that they could go to sleep. The catch was that I had to play with it. Everyone knows that you shouldn't play with a Ouija board alone. My friends just removed their hands and put it up after that.

The next day, Missy and I decided to try it again. We became very obsessed with using it. We kept contacting evil spirits, and so we were not getting through to ask questions. We finally got a nice spirit when somebody farted, really loud. We all started laughing and I said, "Ha, ha, Amanda farted!" Just then, the planchette went to "NO." So I asked, "Well, then who farted?" and it began to spell out "M-A-M-A-M-A-M-A." on and on. We asked who we were talking to and it spelt out "D-A-N-N-Y." Missy began to cry. "What's wrong, Miss?" I asked. "Danny was my son's name!" Missy had a son three years ago that was murdered. After that, we refrained from using it that night and yet to have explored the life of the dead.