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To the Home of Ouija!
The Mystifying Oracle

"Precisely because the imagination is so vast and powerful, its domain so different from the solid, sensible world or the material, it is both very seductive and very frightening. Human beings have a great yearning to adventure in imaginary realms, but at the same time, they recognize the fact that explorers occasionally get lost there and can't find their way back to 'reality.' So people look for ways to journey imaginatively without getting too far away from familiar landmarks. They surrender themselves to horror movies, for example, but they keep one hand in the bag of popcorn, to serve as a comforting reminder of reality; they play the Ouija board, but if it begins to seem too real, someone quickly turns on the lights."

The ouija board was origionated over one hundred years ago, and still is just as unexplainable. Throughout this website, you will take a journey through the life of the ouija board. Also provided on this site will be many different views of what Ouija really is and what powers it may have. If you would life to make your own Ouija board or maybe would like some helpful hints to operating a Ouija, you're in the right spot. Also, you've heard superstitions before, right? Well, Ouija has many of them, find some here! There are also some great articles concerning it from as far back as the 1800's.

Origin and Development of the Mystical Ouija
Critics and Believers of Ouija
"Ouijastitions" and Making & Operating a Ouija
Tales of the Talking Board--Stories and Articles from the Past & Present and Miscellaneous Stuff

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