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To the Opinions of Ouija!

Ouija is a very controversial subject, so there are obviously going to be opposing views concerning it. There are two main opposing beliefs. Automatism and the Spiritualist theories. With Automatism, the followers believe that "You may not know that you are moving the message indicator, but you are." This theory also accepts that you are moving the planchette unconsciously and that the board opens a "shorcut from the subconscious mind." Spiritualism suggests that the messages "obviously come from forces beyond human control." They think that you can channel entities through the board, which are "discarnate spirits, ghosts, or other ethereal beings who have a purpose for contacting the living." Splitting this theory, there are some Spiritualists that think that no harm can come from using these boards, but others think that "Malevolent forces can masquerade as good and cause emotional damage, even death to the user of the board."

Another view is from Dr. Robert S. Woodworth. He claims that what really happens is that "the muscular tension of the arms sets the planchette in motion. It may come to rest at first on any letter just by accident, or subjective expectancy on the part of one or both of the players may guide it. This first letter may then suggest a word that the players may finish spelling out without realizing that their act is subconscious."

Some think that the Ouija "offers proof as to life after death." In my opinion, Ouija boards can fit all of these theories. I have experienced all sides of these theories. There have been times when my friends have admitted to moving the planchette, but there have also been times when we really contacted a spirit. To prove to yourself which theory you believe, you may have to actually try it.

If you would like to tell of your personal experiences, OUIJA@BIGFOOT.COM would love to hear them, I'm sure!
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